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Organic Market

How to Support Local Food

Supporting local food is a choice that has a big impact- within our community and globally. Fortunately there are many ways for us all to take action today and make change happen.

Shop Farmer's Markets

Learn when and where you can find farm fresh produce at several local farmer's markets in the county.

Local CSAs & Food Hubs

Explore other opportunities to buy farm fresh produce from local producers.

Eating in Season

Learn about eating foods when they are seasonally available and ways to preserve fresh foods for enjoyment later.

Eat Local First
WA Food & Farm Finder

Find local food using Eat Local First's WA Food and Farm Finder.

Tips for Buying Local in Stores

Local foods can be bought in the grocery store too!  Learn how to find them by clicking below.


Natural gardening can help support pollinators, encourage seasonal eating and reduce dependence on non-local foods. 

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